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Japanese Landscape Architecture Must See List

3月 6th, 2018

The landscapes in Japan are very fascinated for foreign visitors. The islands and mountains of country have dramatic geographic changes with surrounded by waters. The distinctive four seasons provide different scenes of landscape whenever you go. The light pink of cherry blossoms in early spring and red of Japanese maples and gold color of ginkgo trees in autumn makes strong contrast against the gray color of many buildings in the city.

As a landscape architect and urban designer, below is my favorite and must-see Japanese landscape lists that I typically recommend to my foreign friends. If you did not have any chances to visit yet, you may think of visiting one of the gardens, parks, museum, temples, etc. on weekends.

Cherry Blossom in Country Side

【Tokyo Metropolitan Area 東京エリア】

    • Shibuya Street Crossing 渋谷交差点
      It is the most crowded crossing in the world. It is not bad idea to try the Mario cart rentals here if you are the video game lovers.
    • Asakusa Area and Kaminarimon 浅草と雷門
      I guess most of people will go this Tokyo downtown area. My recommendation here is learning tea ceremony. One of my friends is a tea master and provide a workshop to foreigners with her fluent English. She also offers a private lesson, too.
    • Tokyo Fish Market 築地市場
      Why not trying to eat fresh sushi? It is the biggest fishing market in the world!  Sushi is not only tuna and salmon.  You will see many different fishes
    • Minami Ikebukuro Park 南池袋公園
      This is a Japanese version of Bryant Park. The  new park with cafe, grand lawn, and playground are perfect place for the all age people from family to young people.

Minami Ikebukuro Park

日本のランドスケープ・アーキテクチュア(造園)訪問リスト Japanese Landscape Architecture Must-See List

6月 25th, 2011




ランドスケープ デザイン スケッチブック


今回は、自然的な国立公園や場所を除いたリストになりますが、以下がお勧めなランドスケープの場所に » Read more: 日本のランドスケープ・アーキテクチュア(造園)訪問リスト Japanese Landscape Architecture Must-See List